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International Investment Banking A Practical Guide

Useful for everyone whom deals with public firms.


Global Casino 

The preparation of a book that reads well, whatever the subject matter, is not an easy feat. The writer needs not only understand the subject matter, but must know how to gather the relevant information from the field and compare it with his experience to evaluate that he is not in odds with knowledge of the day. And if he is he needs to present his argument clearly in order to defend his position or thoughts.

When, as with this book, the purpose is the complication to augment a course or a textbook that, no matter how good, cannot fully encompass the subject, he must not only know what the reader can assimilate but also what will stimulate their interest and curiosity.

Though the writers’ task is arduous, it is also beneficent and creative. He relieves the reader of a laborious search through the mass of literature, directs him to the significant, and presents it in a sequence that guides learning in plain language. He provides a solid foundation upon which further reading can rest. He has the pleasure of introducing the reader to the gems that delight and excite, and occasionally even dazzle.

Dr. Van Dyke sets himself the task of providing readers with an interest in wanting to understand the subject matter with supplementary readings for a course or text on the mechanism of International Investment Banking, a topic that must everywhere form one of the cornerstones of education of anyone in the financial sector, especially those in leadership positions whom are dealing with firms or projects that involved the necessity of knowing this subject matter.

.I am indeed pleased to have been asked to help introduce this fine book filled with invaluable information, which not only enhance and lighten the teaching of students in this sector, but will surely find its place in augmenting the education of persons in many other fields.



Count Wolfgang Von Schlieffen.



John Van Dyke author and editor of Global Casino, with great relevant experience, who more than the creator of Global Casino to carry out the editing of such an important project.

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