Port Alberni BC Canada 

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John Van Dyke (58), Wife, Rhona Torres Venezolan latin, has five children, fuor daughters, Cathrin (8), Nicole (11), Adriana (11), Cheryl Ann (28) and a son, John Ryan (33). He is twice past president of Lions Club Saramacca, Surinam and is active in a number of global social forums ie Global One, One.org and WWF. An explorer and adventurer, John is an avid “Save the Rain Forest” advocate and nature lover. John’s hobbies include; making Nature documentaries, photography, fishing, art collecting, the Internet and lecturing.

A down to earth senior executive who enjoys Latin, modern country, reggae, modern opera music and sci- fi movies.


John has a Biz connection base on LinkedIn of 20+ million. John is truly a breath of fresh air, dynamic, a wealth of information, creative solutions and ideas, he has a realistic and sober view of both the global political arena as well as the investment sailings of global capital.


John has an economics degree from University of British Columbia, Canada an International Marketing Degree from British Columbia Institute of Technology, BC, Canada and an International Offshore Banking Cert. from BSI in Lugano, Switzerland. John has also completed various courses on many different subjects and disciplines, including Dale Carnegie’s Public Speaking and American Airlines Automated Reservation Systems.


John is also a retired consultant for the American, Canadian, Dutch and German Intelligence Services with over 20+ years of field experience in international financial crime and money laundering.


John is also a writer and has many articles to his name and his latest book “Global Casino –a practical guide to International Investment Banking” was just published in English and Chinese. He presently lives in Port Alberni, BC, Canada and in the Caribbean.

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